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Midori Green Advance TBE Agarose Tablets | NIPPON Genetics EUROPE

Agarose tablets with DNA stain and buffer

Midori Green Advance TBE Agarose Tablets

Catalogue number: AG09

MIDORIGreen Advance TBE Agarose Tablets – Agarose tablets with integrated DNA stain (MIDORIGreen Advance) and TBE powder; 75 pieces per box



  • Tablet format – no weighing equipment required
  • Powder free
  • Very stable at room temperature if protected from light
  • Only pure water is needed
  • Fast dissolving protocol
  • Used stain is a non-carcinogenic alternative to ethidium bromide
  • Environmental safety – all working solution can be disposed in regular laboratory waste

MIDORIGreen Advance TBE Agarose Tablets – safe, clean and fast

Workflow of the MIDORI Green Advance Agarose Tablets

The MIDORIGreen Agarose Tablets are a clean and fast solution for preparing agarose gels without time-consuming weighing. The agarose tablet only has to be solved in pure water. After heating and pouring of the solution the gel is ready for loading. As MIDORIGreen DNA Stain, TBE powder and agarose are integrated components, there is no addition of other ingredients necessary. In particular for researchers, who are preparing many agarose gels, this is a very comfortable and easy solution to save time. Another big advantage is the safety for the user. As a safe alternative to ethidium bromide MIDORIGreen Advance is used as DNA stain. MIDORIGreen Advance DNA Stain is non-carcinogenic – hence it is optimal for a safe work with agarose gels and no special disposing of waste is necessary.


Gel (%)Agarose (g)Water (mL)TBE (g)TBE concentration*MIDORI Green amount (µL)MIDORI Green calculated amount in 100 mL gel*
1.0 % gel0.5 g50 ml0.5 g0.59 x2 µl4.00 µl
1.2 % gel0.5 g42 ml0.5 g0.71 x2 µl4.70 µl
1.5 % gel0.5 g33 ml0.5 g0.88 x2 µl6.06 µl
2.0 % gel0.5 g25 ml0.5 g1.18x2 µl8.00 µl


*TBE is suitable to use in rage 0.5 – 1 x concentration.

**MIDORIGreen DNA stain optimum is 4-6 µl per 100 ml agarose gel.


DownloadsAG09_Midori Green Advance TBE Agarose Tablets_TDS_vers 2020
SDS_Midori Green Advance TBE Agarose Tablets
Safety Data Sheet - Midori Green Advance TBE Agarose Tablets (AG09)
Technical Note 2018_02
Performance evaluation of Midori Green Agarose tablet

If I have to use 50ml of water to dissolve 1 tablet of AG09 to generate 1% agarose gel, will I be able to produce 1.5% or 2% agarose solution by varying the quantity of water?

Yes, it is exactly as you presumed. You can reduce the amount of water to the half to get a 2% agarose solution. With 2% agarose we get satisfying results. I wouldn’t recommend to increase the percentage much more than 2%, because otherwise the background could be to strong (theoretically).


What temperature (approximately) is needed to completely dissolve the tablet using microwave oven? Can the tablet be dissolved first and stored? If yes, how long can the gel be stored?

In the beginning you solve the tablet in cold distilled water (water with room temperature is fine) till it is completely solved. From experience it takes around one minute. It is easy to observe the solving. After the disintegration of the tablet you heat the mixture till you can’t see any streaks. For the heating you have different options. The easiest it to choose the microwave. You will heat the mixture as long as it is boiling (around 30 sec in the microwave) to be sure to solve the agarose completely. I suppose you mean if the casted gel could be stored? Yes, that is possible but you have to ensure that the gel is wrapped in a wet tissue (and additionally with a foil so that it can’t dry out) and isn’t affected by light. You can store the gels for one week like that.


Can MG Agarose Tablets bs used with TAE buffer?

We wouldn’t recommend to use TAE buffer. The gel is a TBE gel and using TAE running buffer wouldn’t result in an optimal running behavior because of different conductivity.


on 07/23/2018

No weighing is necessary and it is very convenient to use. It’s easy to melt, and detection of bands is pretty clear.

on 07/17/2018

Easy to handle. The procedure is very fast.

on 07/12/2018

EtBr is unnecessary, results can be obtained immediately. Easy to use because it is a tablet.

on 07/12/2018

We can create a gel without weighing agarose. I made a 4% gel, without any problems.

on 07/03/2018

Very easy to handle. No worry about about toxicity such as Ethidium Bromide. A agarose gel can be made easily without concentration calculation.

on 06/29/2018

Extremely good for safety and disposal. Not neccessary to use carcinogenic DNA dyes such as Ethidium bromide

on 06/28/2018

Easy to prepare a agarose gel with the target concentration and the nucleic acid fluorescent reagent. It is unnecessary to perform other operations than melting and heating.

on 06/28/2018

Very easy to use

on 06/05/2018

Very easy gel preparation without weighing agarose and addition of the DNA dye.

on 05/24/2018

Easy to use without weighing the agarose. Furthermore the agarose is easy to melt and the band detection is also beautiful.
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